Online lotto has many forms, it can be the traditional kind where you win cash or it can be bitcoin lotto where you win cryptocurrency. There is really not much of a difference except the kinds of currencies. The other is the traditional tried and tested hard cash and the other the fledgling cryptocurrency. Whatever you choose, the basics in order to have higher chances of winning are the same. Although lotto is a game of chance and its outcome may never be predicted, there is a method that you can employ to make the odds a little bit favorable to your side. One example is on how you choose your winning numbers.

online lottery

Choose frequency

A simple enough and straightforward method is choosing those numbers that often win. Some websites will give you access to a chart that will actually give you data as to which numbers usually get picked on draws and gain the most. It would be straightforward and easy to choose those that occupy the top slots and use them as your numbers. This way, you get to tweak your chances a little bit.

Choose significantly lucky numbers.

Since you are here playing the lotto, this means that you believe in luck. You can also pick numbers that mean significant things to you or those that you consider lucky numbers. This is acknowledging that all numbers will have an equal opportunity to be drawn and is actually the case. When you have chosen your specific numbers, make sure to stick with it and be consistently buying tickets and betting on those chosen numbers.

Use software to get your numbers.

Since we are working on the premise that all numbers have an equal chance to be drawn and win, use a random number generator software to give you the most random number as possible. While this would not guarantee a win, you would actually feel better because you have attributed all the factors according to luck.

It is a game of luck after all

All things considered, it is important that you recognize the fact that any lotto game is really a game of chance and that luck plays a major hand on what the outcome would be.